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Hill Hoodwinks Hoosier Voters

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Hillary’s Magnequench story. ABC News has it now. Story is getting legs and rightly so. Very glad to see the MSM start to call her on her BS:

Andy Albers, a former vice president of Magnequench, said he received a phone call from Clinton’s campaign to go over key details of Clinton’s Valparaiso event before it happened on April 12.

“I told them all the truth, but it didn’t go anywhere,” Albers told ABC News. “Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton are living in some false reality here, making all these false accusations.”

Hmmm. Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton […]

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Nothing says “blue collar” like not being able to use a coffee machine in a convenience store:

You know darling, I normally have my coffee dispensed to me by my assistant who brings it to me no later than 7:30am Eastern with a nice chocolate chip biscotti.

(ht Schecter and friends)

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The speech I posted earlier is now an ad (and a good one). The Truth:

Even lists a 3 point plan! That should get Modern Esquire all hot and bothered. Look Modern! Bullet points!

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For some reason HRC’s campaign thought it would be a great idea to have her ride to work with some working class Indiana guy – stopping along the way to fill up at a gas station full of reporters.

They picked a guy who drives an F-250 pickup (10 mpg) 45 minutes to work every day because, I guess, that’s the kind of guy her gas tax “holiday” might appeal to.

(Obama voters drive smaller cars and live closer to work)

The problem came when they stopped at the gas station and Hillary admitted she hadn’t pumped her […]

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Sure, gas is expensive. I know there are working families (and truckers) who this affects more than others. I might be glad prices are up to act as an incentive to invest in a vehicle with better fuel efficiency (that would then be used even after prices go down), but I know in this economic climate not many can afford to do so.

Enter the “Gas Tax Holiday”. Basically suspend the 18 cent gas tax for 90 days. It has become a part of both Hillary and McCain’s stump speeches. Imagine that, Hillary and McCain paralleling one another in […]

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In an obvious attempt to screw over Governor Strickland, House Republicans are trying to add Rep. Adams’ stupid keno prohibition bill as an amendment to the payday lending bill that Strickland promised to sign.


DeWine moves to reconsider the Keno amendment
House votes 61 to 34 to remove it
Pay Day Lending Bill sans Keno amendment passes 68 to 28

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A new poll from Monmouth University shows that some New Jersey Democrats have changed their mind since voting for Hillary in February’s primary…

Clinton bested Obama in the New Jersey presidential primary on February 5th by a 54%
to 44% margin. However, the ongoing nomination contest seems to have given some Garden
State Democrats second thoughts. Currently, more Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents say they would like to see Obama (45%) rather than Clinton (38%) get the party’s

“It appears that less than three months after giving Hillary Clinton a 10 point victory in
the […]

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No. No way. I can’t believe they would DO that! Tim at BI is all over this one – and will probably remain so.

It will be interesting to see and hear the fallout from this one. WVWV is already trying to stem the tide of outrage by apologizing.

Fun, fun. I’d hate to be Digby right about now…

Update: In case you forgot who “Lamont Williams” is, we had him call Ohio too. This is sounding like a widespread and coordinated voter suppression campaign put on by WVWV and Team Hillary. This is gonna […]

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I new Gallup Panel survey in which people are asked to “describe in their own words ‘what comes to mind’ when they think of the three leading presidential candidates.”

Not surprisingly, Hillary’s negatives are huge compared to Obama and McCain. 55% of the respondents have a negative opinion of Hillary compared to 40% for McCain and 39% for Obama.

More than anything else, people think she is “Dishonest” (15%). She also has “Past baggage associated with Bill” (13%) and some people just “Dislike her” (9%).

To be fair- 9% of respondents also said they dislike Obama. But only 5% […]

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In a recent interview with the Columbus Education Association, Governor Strickland discussed his plans to improve Ohio’s educational system.

The first goal of his plan is “to strengthen our commitment to Ohio’s public schools and public education.” With this commitment comes “increased accountability measures for charters.”

But the Governor admits this won’t happen while Republicans control the legislature. Because, as I’ve mentioned many times before, for-profit charter school operators are HUGE campaign contributors.

So until we can win back control of the General Assembly, we’re going to have to suffer through more and more stories like this:


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…and they’ll probably buy it hook line and sinker. This ad looks and sounds great.

But like so many other Hillary strategies, the finger that she is trying to point is actually toward a mirror that reflects right back at her. Those jobs lost when Magnaquench moved to China? Happened on hubby Bill’s watch:

In the ad, the candidate notes that President Bush could have stopped the shutdown, but didn’t. Ironically, the initial sale of Magnaquench — to a group of investors that included two Chinese companies — occurred in 1995, when the president was Sen. […]

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