The RNC is really worried about the DNC’s new anti-McCain ad. So much so that they are threatening legal action…

“As a legal matter,” RNC chairman Mike Duncan said today, this is a “maliciously false” campaign ad. “The advertisement in question falsely and maliciously” quotes Sen. McCain as saying that extending the war in Iraq for 100 years would be fine with him, and places it in a context of images of combat. “Clearly this ad is just another attempt by the DNC to mischaracterize Sen. McCain’s statements.”

Mainly I think they are afraid because the DNC is finally stealing their tactics!

Remember when John Kerry said: “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

Of course you do- because the GOP picked it up and played it over and over and over in their anti-Kerry ads. Claiming this proved he was a flip-flopper – especially on the war.

Of course no one remembers Kerry explaining what he really meant was “that he had supported an earlier Democratic measure that would have paid for the $87 billion in war funding by reducing Bush’s tax cuts.” Not that he changed his mind about the war.

Did the RNC take the Kerry comment out of context? Sure.

Do they plan on taking the Obama comments about PA voters out of context? You bet.

What about taking two or three seconds from the 100s of hours of Rev. Wright’s sermons and playing them over and over? Absolutely.

I’m not saying it’s right. But hey- you started it.

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