The Florida Legislature is debating adding a new license plate to the 100+ specialty plates already issued by the state.

This one, however, is special- because it’s a Christian-themed plate- the money from which will go to some Christian organizations.

Seems pretty wrong, no?

What if we had a Muslim-themed plate?

  • You are such a provocateur, aren’t you?
    I think they are both misogynistic.
    Oh, wait – that’s another thread.
    Sorry. 🙂

  • Matt N.

    When I worked at the Ohio House, I lost count on the number of silly late night debates I had to watch on the floor of the House chambers about stupid license plate proposals.

    I have nothing against efforts to fight dogmatic atheists who want to prevent any efforts to remind people of our country’s proud Christian roots and tradition. I don’t believe there to be nearly as big of a “wall of separation” as the ACLU and (former Klansman) Justice Black believe.

    But this is just stupid. Maybe we should have a website where people can upload almost any image and have it printed on their license plate? That way, Churches, universities, bird-watching clubs, Fefe the dog, et cetera could easily have their own personalized plates without it being a legislative issue.

  • dogmatic atheists.

    proud Christian roots.

    simply delusional…

    I’m sure you find the Ohio “Choose Life” plates just as silly. Or do you support that because it is free speech that mirrors your own personal beliefs?

  • Matt N.

    I would never be elected to the State House. But if I were, I would attempt to beat Tom Brinkman’s record for the most “no” votes. I’d oppose license plates and pretty much everything else other than massive tax/spending cuts.

  • I take that back, then. You appear to have at least SOME grip on reality. You’d never get elected to anything, though I do hope you run – for pure entertainment value.

  • Matt N.

    Sadly, Jennifer Brunner will never approve of my efforts to put the Regressive Party on the ballot.

  • So are you into vampire hunting too?

  • Regress:

    1. to move backward; go back.
    2. to revert to an earlier or less advanced state or form.
    –noun 3. the act of going back; return.
    4. the right to go back.
    5. backward movement or course; retrogression.

  • @8: Yes, Joe. I’m pretty sure Matthew wants us to go backward!

  • Ohio has to have the worst plates in the country. I will give Strickland kudos if he gives us something to put on our cars that doesnt look so bad.

  • Matt N.

    Oh that is just silly, Ben. No one cares about what plates look like- I’d be just as happy as those plain brownish-yellow plates from Alaska.

    But a cost saving idea, which was proposed a few years ago, was to require people to only to buy a back license plate.

    Instead of license plates, Ben… why not question the skyrocketing fees at the BMV?

  • I don’t think law enforcement would like your cost savings idea much, Matt.

  • Matt N.

    Law enforcement also opposed concealed carry too.

    They also would not like my views on what the speed limit should be.

    But I’d get Anthony Gutierrez’s support, as I think the blood-alcohol requirements are too low.

  • I just had an old skool image of matt throwing his hands up screamin’ fuck da cops!

  • Matt N.

    I’d rather shout “privatize the police force.”

  • As long as you do it in a Kangol while throwing up GOP gang signs I don’t care what you shout. Otherwise you’ll screw my mental image all up! LOL

    Privatize the police
    Comin straight from the upperclass
    Young Republican got it good cuz I’m white
    And not that other color so police
    Don’t ever really fuck with me

    But I’d privatize they asses in el segundo
    They the reason that we be speakin’ el Spanolo
    You know Grover Norquist is my homie and for real
    Privatize ’em like Blackwater cuz they got a raw deal!

    Tho yo hands in da air and sing it like you just don’t care:

    Privatize tha police!
    Privatize tha police!
    Privatize tha police!


  • M. C. Naug Daug, will you please give your testimony to the jury about this fucked up incident?

    Privatize tha police and Naug said it with authority
    because Republicans in the Congress now minority.
    I got a blog, and you better step to it
    Cuz them punk ass liberals, they don’t know how to do it.
    You think you can fade me? Boy you know I’m the bomb.
    If she weren’t so fucking ugly, I’d privatize your mom!

    Someba…Anyba…Everybody Scream!

    Privatize tha police!
    Privatize tha police!
    Privatize tha police!

  • tim russo


  • I think a lot of people care about how their plates look. The ones we have look stupid.

  • #10: Ohio’s latest plates are fine- certainly not the worst in the country.

    Florida is definitely worse. Personally I like Delaware. Light on dark- like the old Commodore 64.

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