Tim talks to Bob Mulholland, a California super delegate. Bob thinks this thing should go all 12 rounds and doesn’t mind the candidates getting roughed up a bit.

”I don’t think either of these candidates is prepared for the general election yet,” said Mulholland. ”You don’t get to the Super Bowl if your jersey is clean.”

I happen to think this is precisely wrong and that there is a very fine line between seasoning our candidates and hurting the party and our chances in November. It’s not so much about the candidates and the vetting, but about the polarization of support and the potential for disenfranchising a significant demographic due to extended intra-party battling.

  • Susan

    Man up, Vessels. Politics at this level is not for sissies. It’s not the punching that’s hurting the party, it’s the whining about it. When was the last time you heard Republicans whining?

  • Man up. That’s a good one! Seriously.

    I happen to totally agree about politics at this level. That doesn’t mean the type of campaigning we have seen will not have an effect on people. Pointing that out is hardly being a sissy…or whining.

    At this point I’m worried about both sides not wanting to come back in the fold after the fighting.

    Really worried.

    But I’m always manned up. Fired up, in fact. And ready to go…

  • Susan

    Eric, people love to fight, and most of them have short memories.

    What I’m worried about is that Republicans will do anything to win, including opening a new front in the Great Wah on Terrah, and it could be just like last time. People will be too scared to change horses in the middle of getting screwed (don’t you love mixed metaphors?) We had lots of candidates who were pretty much on the right side of the issues, but we have to win before anything happen, and we need someone willing to go to the mat for us, with fangs bared, and kick the shit of out John McCain. Who is going to do that for us? We need to stop worrying about people’s hurt feelings and get meaner. I think the superD was exactly right, we’re not ready for the general election yet.

  • The Super Bowl metaphor doesn’t hold up since Hillary and Barack are on the same team.

    Our extended primary battle would be better compared to a winner-gets-to-play fist fight between two quarterbacks on the same team.

    While the other team’s quarterback gets a pre-game massage.

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