John H. McConnell died today.

John’s life is really the classic American story: son of a steel worker, joined the navy, went to college on the G.I. Bill, had a good idea, started a company, got rich and turned into a Republican.

He founded Worthington Industries, help start the Columbus Clippers and the Blue Jackets and, since 1990, has contributed over half-a-million dollars to Ohio’s GOP candidates.


George Voinovich 56,000
Betty Montgomery 40,250
Ken Blackwell 35,750
Thomas J. Moyer 31,000
Mary Taylor 30,000
Greg Hartmann 20,000
Jon Husted 17,500
Jim Petro 11,250
Steve Stivers 11,000

etc. etc.

That’s A LOT of money!

He’s also given money to a lot of other, less-evil causes – like $7.5 million to help develop the Heart Hospital at Riverside.

He’ll certainly be missed by a lot of people – but most importantly by Ohio’s GOP fundraisers.

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  • dras

    Judging the quality of candidates that he threw money at it’s a shame that he didn’t depart earlier.
    Is there a story about the $7.5 million to help develop the Heart Hospital at Riverside. I would guess that someone in his family had heart problems or he was looking for the old Tax Write Off.

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