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Ohio GOP Loses Big Donor

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John H. McConnell died today.

John’s life is really the classic American story: son of a steel worker, joined the navy, went to college on the G.I. Bill, had a good idea, started a company, got rich and turned into a Republican.

He founded Worthington Industries, help start the Columbus Clippers and the Blue Jackets and, since 1990, has contributed over half-a-million dollars to Ohio’s GOP candidates.


George Voinovich 56,000 Betty Montgomery 40,250 Ken Blackwell 35,750 Thomas J. Moyer 31,000 Mary Taylor 30,000 Greg Hartmann 20,000 Jon Husted 17,500 Jim Petro 11,250 Steve Stivers 11,000

etc. […]

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Hillary has a new Indiana TV ad – and it’s all about gas.

In it she promises to “suspend the gas tax this summer” to “help Indiana families”.

What a great idea!

Because with gas quickly approaching $4/gallon what Indiana families really want is to save an extra 18.4 cents.

It surprises me someone didn’t come up with this idea earlier. Oh wait! someone already did.

These days, it costs fifty bucks to fill up the tank.

How can Indiana families afford that?

Hillary Clinton knows it’s time to act, take some of the windfall profits of […]

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Tim talks to Bob Mulholland, a California super delegate. Bob thinks this thing should go all 12 rounds and doesn’t mind the candidates getting roughed up a bit.

”I don’t think either of these candidates is prepared for the general election yet,” said Mulholland. ”You don’t get to the Super Bowl if your jersey is clean.”

I happen to think this is precisely wrong and that there is a very fine line between seasoning our candidates and hurting the party and our chances in November. It’s not so much about the candidates and the vetting, but about the […]

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Why DRM sucks

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In the never ending struggle between corporations trying to screw over consumers in pursuit of the mighty buck, and consumers trying to protect their own rights, we consumers continually lose out (mainly because our government backs “content creators” to an insane degree). Now, the thing anti-DRM advocates have been warning about has happened – purchased DRM content has been rendered useless by the provider.

[Microsoft] has arbitrarily decided that all the music you bought from it is now worthless because it can’t be bothered to live up to its end of the bargain. It goes something like this, MS […]

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Misogyny Alert!

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Is the above image featured in this post by Renee an example of misogyny?

…or political discourse?

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Marc Dann vs RU-486

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It seems like Marc Dann is in the news now more than ever.

It’s pretty easy for me to ignore the silly fake sex scandal stuff. But this story really jumped out at me today…

The Ohio Attorney General’s office tried again Wednesday to save a state law that restricts the use of a pill that induces abortion.

The law in question would “make it illegal for doctors to prescribe the pill, known as RU-486, after the seventh week of pregnancy”. And Marc Dann’s office wants to SAVE it.

I’ve really, really been trying to stay on your side […]

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