A bit late on this, but I’ll use the Liam excuse. I figure it’s good for another few weeks.

Our friend and PlunderAlum Jerid Kurtz is leaving BSB to take a job and focus more on law school. Honestly, I’m not sure how he wasn’t forced to do this earlier. I’ve always been amazed that he’s been able to juggle both – knowing how hard it is to do good political blogging and anything else, much less law school!

I consider Jerid a good friend – despite the recent dustup over Ohio Presidential Primary fallout. I’ve had a great deal of fun watching Jerid take over BSB from another good friend in Russell Hughlock and we’ve spent many late nights emailing, instant messaging, and laughing hysterically at posts we were both working on. Jerid is a great person and fantastic blogger. He developed a unique voice in the Ohio blogosphere – something that is harder to do than it sounds. He took BSB to levels I’m convinced it wouldn’t have gone even if Russell were still around. He’s that good. I always got the feeling that Jerid was genuine. He cares deeply about Democratic politics and advancing the issues that most on the left really care about. I also highly valued his sense of humor – something that to me is critically important if you are to blog effectively about politics.

He will surely be missed and hopefully the chapter of his involvement in Ohio political blogging is not completely written. We look forward to the day when we can post that he’s back. Whatever it is you do, Jerid, the Plundermonkies are behind you!

Be well,

The Plundercrew

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