From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So the North Carolina GOP puts together a vile down ticket ad and McCain rebukes it strongly in a memo.

LOL. Good cop. Bad cop.



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You can tell it’s an election year because a bunch of Republican lawmakers are proposing tax cut legislation that they know will never get passed.

This time it’s a proposal to completely phase out Ohio’s income tax.

The stated goal of the income tax elimination is to “stem the state’s population decline and improve its economy”.

Silly Republicans. They think tax cuts will solve every problem. And when the problems persist and, as often is the case, get worse- then they think we need to cut taxes even more.

Didn’t we cut income taxes in 2005? 2006? 2007? 2008? […]

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Chuck Todd: It’s Over (Video)

On April 23, 2008 By

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Is this magazine cover misogynistic?

…of course not. I’m not sure how you can get “woman hating” out of something like this. Jill thinks it is.

There is a danger here. Much like the danger in every criticism of Obama being characterized as racist (some are, some aren’t). We risk diluting the term and numbing ourselves to real racism and misogyny. Hillary Clinton is a political figure. A polarizing one at that. Poking at her is fair game. All of the bubbles mention things that relate to her campaign:

“Caucuses are elitist!”

“You’ll take away this […]

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