g diapersGosh. Have a baby and all of a sudden everything becomes about them. I’ve got a decent enough segue though. We’ve decided to eschew normal disposable diapers for a new “hybrid” design called “g diapers“. They are a study in both design and ingenuity.

Normal diapers are all in one designs that you take off, fold up, and toss. Disposable diapers are the #3 consumer item in landfills. 20 billion of these are sold annually. They take about 500 years to completely break down. Talk about a legacy! We didn’t want to add to that. But we DID want their convenience. Cloth diapers seemed a bit daunting.

Enter the g diaper! Instead of an all-in-one design, the g diaper is a 3 piece design. There’s a cloth outer shell with backward velcro straps (preventing babies from grabbing them in the front and pulling them off). Then there is a plastic snap in liner that seals around the legs and prevents the cloth outer shell from getting wet or soiled. Last, there is a super absorbent inner lining that goes into the plastic lining. Essentially, you manufacture your own disposable at home.

The good news is once the diaper has been used (yeah, yuck) you just pull out the absorbent liner, rip it along one side so the absorbent material falls out into the toilet, and flush the whole lot. You gotta break up the absorbent material so it doesn’t clog things up, but they include a plastic stick that hangs on the toilet for that.

If you aren’t around a toilet, you can just toss like a normal diaper because the g insert breaks down in 60 days. I have been trying to flush as much as possible because landfills aren’t really composting centers so things don’t always break down as expected in that environment.

The net result is no contribution from Liam to the landfill, which will reduce landfill diaper content by around 5,000 diapers over the course of his infancy. It makes me wonder why this wasn’t thought of before. It’s really only a design issue.

So Liam says Happy Earth Day!

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