After 50-odd posts about the Marc Dann scandal- I’m sure Matt Naugle is really, really pissed to hear this news:

Columbus police say they won’t file criminal charges against an aide in the Attorney General’s office over a junior staff member’s allegation that he sexually harassed her.

In a brief statement, police said Tuesday that an interview with Cindy Stankoski did not yield enough evidence to proceed with such charges.

Got any other topics, Matt?

  • Little early for the “scandal free” statement. There’s still the internal probe, the emails, and potential civil suits. This is far from over.

  • Dann critic

    Yeah, what redhorse said. Sure, Matty’s overplayed it to death, and sure, the criminal charges were a stretch, but that does not mean “scandal free.” It means that there was not enough evidence to prove attempted rape or assault of any type. But sex harassment is a civil wrong, not a criminal wrong, and it’s still scandalous. Even if the case ends up falling short of civil liability, no one can fairly deny that this involved some lousy judgment on Dann’s part.

  • @1: Totally agree.

  • Actually- I agree too. I’m just sick of hearing about it.

    I almost wish they would bring Gutierrez up on criminal charges – maybe then Dann would figure out it’s time to cut his losses and fire all of his stupid friends.

  • Your Observer

    “Scandal free.”


    Lying on a state job application is a crime.

    Destroying evidence (texts) is a crime.

    There’s a lot more criminal liability out there.

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