I know AEP is pissed about the new energy bill that just passed the house this morning because the bill – thanks to a lot of push-back by Governor Strickland – won’t let AEP immediately raise our rates like they wanted.

Funny coincidence though. Not but an hour after the bill was passed my power went out.

So I went to AEP Ohio’s website (my laptop battery is fully charged) and soon discovered that I’m not the only one.

8,584 AEP customers are without power in Franklin County right now. That’s 1.7% of their customers in the county.

Now I must admit- they do have a pretty easy to use website. And the information was very easy to find. However there is still one big thing we all want to know: why is the power out?

Is it a special earth-day related outage? Trying to produce less green-house gas?

I doubt it.

Also- it might be nice to let us know when you think it will be back on.

Submitting an outage report on their website provides this cryptic response:

Outage cause: Dispatched N.CUST 3223 OFF SINCE 04-22-2008 14:0
Reported out: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:04 PM

Not very helpful.

So until I hear differently, I’m going to assume that they shut off my power to protest the new energy bill.

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