Hillary Clinton picked up a few superdelegates in Ohio this week – Reps Betty Sutton and Tim Ryan – giving her a 6 to 4 lead over Obama in Ohio superdelegates.

Here’s the tally so far:

Gov. Ted Strickland
Rep. Betty Sutton
Rep. Tim Ryan
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones
William Burga (retired Ohio AFL-CIO president)

David Wilhelm
Sonni Nardi
Mark Mallory
Rhine McLin

For weeks we’ve been calling for the supers to pick sides – so I guess I can’t really be pissed at them just because they didn’t pick the side I wanted.

But there is still hope for Obama here in Ohio.

Ohio has 21 superdelegates- so there are still another 11 left to make the right choice- including these people who are currently uncommited:

Charlie Wilson
Marcia Kaptur
Rep. Zack Space
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Sherrod Brown
Chris Redfern
Enid Goubeaux
Ronald Malone
Patricia Moss
Joyce Beatty

Listen to Dean, kids. It’s Decision Time! It’s time for action.

And by action I of course mean: supporting Barack Obama.

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