Except for the wonderful live discussion here at PB, I think we can all pretty much agree last night’s debate was pretty lame. From the bad questions to the bad commercials (do that many people really have problems pooping?) it was pretty much a waste.

Of course, the Clinton camp immediately announced that Hillary had won the debate.

According to her communications director the debate was “very important and illuminating” … “Game-changing” even.

Their reasoning: Obama “tried to dodge and weave” questions about guns. “Sen. Obama needs to be more forthright” they said.

Speaking of being forthright- the Clinton campaign continues to deny that Hillary ever said “Screw ’em” – referring to the working class southern whites in January, 1995.

“‘Screw ’em,’ she told her husband. ‘You don’t owe them a thing, Bill. They’re doing nothing for you; you don’t have to do anything for them.’

This quote was actually published in a book by Benjamin Barber ( “The Truth of Power: Intellectual Affairs in the Clinton White House”)

Uh oh! Someone’s not telling the truth here.

And I think I’ve got a pretty good idea who it is.