Was reading the Dispatch online while eating lunch, and stumbled across this gem.

Republican state Sen. Joy Padgett says many flags carried in parades around Ohio are not made in the country they represent. Testifying before a Senate panel yesterday, Padgett said it was paramount that Ohio bar the sale of flags manufactured in China and other countries.

Is this really the most pressing issue of the day? Besides, I thought Republicans were all about keeping government out of peoples lives… and now they want to slap a $500 fine or 60 day jail sentence on retailers for selling items because of where they are manufactured?

Unreal. Look, I’m all for boosting domestic production, but shouldn’t the vaunted market solve this problem? Heck, if you want government regulation, why not slap big tariffs on imported American and state flags? Lobby the fed to get that done; I’m sure in our hyper-patriotic national atmosphere it’d be a piece of cake.

“Limited government” my ass.

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  • Matt N.

    This is nuts, and silly xenophobic protectionist poppycock. We should welcome imports, as our trade deficit is responsible for the foreign investment surplus.

    Padgett doesn’t understand economics, but apparently knows enough about how to transfer ownership of the family farm two months before bankruptcy. Joy should have seen prison time.

  • Note: Annin & Co, “the world’s oldest and largest flag manufacturer”, is located in her district.

  • bill sloat

    Gov. Strickland sponsored a similar measure in 2003 (I think) when he was an Ohio congressman. It died in a House committee. Padgett has several co-sponsors, all Democrats. Minnesota has already passed a law that bans flag imports; it went into effect in 2007.

  • I have to completely agree with Matt here. Joy is one of my least favorite people. Good to see Matt finally realize that. Your buddy Dole sure was an apologist!

    I’ve seen this in several states. It’s bunk. I’m all for buying American and people should have that choice. I support simply making sure the country of origin is on the products so consumers can have the choice. I myself certainly would choose to buy an American made flag if available, but I surely don’t want anyone fined or imprisoned.

    That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. But then again, we all know Joy is kinda crazy.

  • Matt N.

    I think this is a weird moment where Eric and I find common ground, and agree that the Padgett/Sherrod Brown/Pat Buchanan view of trade is populism and patronage to special interests.

    I never liked Mrs. Padgett- I loved it on the campaign trail and always held up a book by Thomas Friedman about the changing global marketplace. I would contend that Padgett has no understanding of economics or how to make Ohio competitive in the global marketplace. But since she is in office, she has time to kill, a flag manufacturer to benefit, and Chinese to bash. Especially in Ohio, both Democrats and Republican politicans thrive on this sort of nonsense, and I wish it would stop.

  • Matt N.

    My last comment, I was trying to say Padgett held up the Friedman book like her Bible, at EVERY campaign stop I ever saw her speak at, as Jim Petro’s running mate. Sorry for the typo.

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