Was reading the Dispatch online while eating lunch, and stumbled across this gem.

Republican state Sen. Joy Padgett says many flags carried in parades around Ohio are not made in the country they represent. Testifying before a Senate panel yesterday, Padgett said it was paramount that Ohio bar the sale of flags manufactured in China and other countries.

Is this really the most pressing issue of the day? Besides, I thought Republicans were all about keeping government out of peoples lives… and now they want to slap a $500 fine or 60 day jail sentence on retailers for selling items because of where they are manufactured?

Unreal. Look, I’m all for boosting domestic production, but shouldn’t the vaunted market solve this problem? Heck, if you want government regulation, why not slap big tariffs on imported American and state flags? Lobby the fed to get that done; I’m sure in our hyper-patriotic national atmosphere it’d be a piece of cake.

“Limited government” my ass.

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