Tony Perkins is pissed because someone decided to host a religious event without inviting him. Boo hoo.

CNN’s “Compassion Forum”, held this past Sunday, allowed both Democratic candidates to answer questions about their faith that, thankfully, didn’t come from Christofascist asshats like Perkins.

As a result, the forum focused on issues that real Christians should care about. Things like poverty, human rights and the worldwide AIDS crisis.

According to Perkins, these are not the issues closest to Christians’ hearts.

Instead, Tony claims that: “our priority as Christians should be as those of the Founding Fathers; protect the sanctity of human life, preserve marriage, and defend religious liberty.”

In other words: take away reproductive rights from women, prevent gay people from getting married, and prevent hate crimes legislation and equal rights laws that protect americans based on their sexual orientation.

Listen up, shitbird! None of these things was mentioned by our founding founders.

And, for that matter, none of them was mentioned by Jesus either.

Poverty and Human Rights, however, were.

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