Again, the voters appear to be smarter than the chattering class:

Barack Obama’s “bitter” comment may have had little immediate impact in the Democratic primary race in Pennsylvania, according to a poll out this morning.

The Quinnipiac University poll found that Hillary Clinton leads Obama 50 to 44 percent, a margin unchanged since the organization’s last statewide poll at the beginning of the month.

The unchanged margin does not come as a great surprise. Obama’s remark was made public Friday afternoon, leaving only two days to permeate the public.

The poll, conducted Wednesday through Sunday night, revealed no noticeable shift in support for polling done on Saturday or Sunday. It is the first indication that Obama’s controversial remark may not dramatically change the head-to-head match-up in Pennsylvania, which holds its primary next Tuesday.

Listen. The REAL elitism is expressed by those who think the voters are dumb enough to fall for their pointing and flailing about. People are smart enough to hear the entire comment in context and understand that Barack was not talking down to them. He was expressing some fundamental truths that no amount of jumping up and down can hide. There are a class of people who are upset and downright bitter and have a right to be. They’ve been neck to ground with an elite foot on their necks for a very long time. They’ve heard promises before and have given up on voting on economic issues. This is a documented fact. This is why cultural issues have become so prominent. They are clinging to their God and their guns and their anti-immigrant American ways. They’ve been backed into a corner and it’s all they have left. But to think that they will fall for an elitist claiming another to be elitist is another thing. Not to mention the fact that though Bubba might be driving a big truck with a gun rack, he doesn’t want one of his hunting buddies to be the President. He might be dumb, but he ain’t stupid! All this elite claptrap is so much hot air by those who know they need to point the finger away from themselves before somebody notices who the real elites are!

What’s the saying? The smeller is the feller? Hillary and McCain just let out a nice little bon ton flatulence.

Obama symbolizes what we say this country is about. You can be raised by a single mother with the help of a grandmother and come from little means. If you are bright, do well in school, apply yourself, you can get into good schools and do better for yourself. You might even work so hard that you can get a degree from a really good school (ie, elite!) and become a lawyer who will then organize communities and inspire entire generations to want to make this country better. It’s the American Dream&#153. For some to call that elite is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Pardon the pun. It’s the latest smokescreen in a series of smokescreens designed to dull the glow of our hopes and dreams for America.

Let’s hope the people aren’t fooled by such political shenanigans – which appears to me what the modern political game is all about anymore. Who can trick enough people to get into the White House. That’s what needs changing most of all.

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