The latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll – taken while Hillary was in the middle of publicly attacking Barack for being “out-of-touch” – shows Obama leading Clinton 51% to 40% nationally- the most since they were almost tied in late March and up 2 points since the last poll.

  • Nice!

  • National polls dont really matter a whole lot now. What matters in the Dem race is PA, IN, OR, KY, WV.

  • @2: Agree to a point. What it does show is that the kitchen sink strategy is failing. Obama has his widest margin yet at 11 points. The attacks are obviously not resonating with Democrats as a whole.

    They don’t appear to be giving any bounce in PA either as her 20 point lead has shrunk to around 5 or 6 and is staying there.

    You forgot Guam and North Carolina. 😉

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