First The Bus gets on the bus, and now this. I think I ought to pour myself a nice neat glass of bourbon and call it a perfect day. Dan Rooney, owner of my beloved Steelers, has endorsed Barack Obama. He writes one hell of a letter to go along with it. Excerpts below.

Based on the experiences that I have had in my seventy-five years and my assessment of what I think our nation needs to make real the change that is so needed, I am proud and now feel compelled to endorse Senator Barack Obama.

This time, we can’t afford to wait. Our country needs a new direction and a new kind of leadership – the kind of leadership, judgment and experience that Senator Obama has demonstrated in more than 20 years of public service, and in a particularly impressive way in this campaign.

When I think of Barack Obama’s America I have great hope. I support his candidacy and look forward to his Presidency

Spot on, Mr. Rooney. Now, about that offensive line…

Here we go Obama! Here we go! (clap clap)

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