From the daily archives: Monday, April 14, 2008

Remember last year when Republican Senator David Vitter’s phone number turned up on the DC Madam’s prostitution client list along with the numbers of George Bush’s deputy secretary of state and the strategist who devised Bush’s “shock and awe” plan for the invasion of Iraq?

Well it turns out none of these guys will have to testify in the trial.

Instead they chose to have 12 former prostitutes testify – including a naval lieutenant and a 50-something doctor – while letting all of the high-profile clients off the hook.

Hardly seems fair.

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First The Bus gets on the bus, and now this. I think I ought to pour myself a nice neat glass of bourbon and call it a perfect day. Dan Rooney, owner of my beloved Steelers, has endorsed Barack Obama. He writes one hell of a letter to go along with it. Excerpts below.

Based on the experiences that I have had in my seventy-five years and my assessment of what I think our nation needs to make real the change that is so needed, I am proud and now feel compelled to endorse Senator Barack Obama.


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First, he takes on this silly elitist notion. Hillary and McCain have teamed up on this one and they both should know better. They are living in the most transparent of glass houses. Obama on his elite pedigree:

Then, he takes on McCain directly and does some political Aikido by letting the force of John’s argument work against him:

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A new Gallup Poll reveals that more educated voters prefer Obama over McCain.

People with a highschool education or less prefer McCain (46%) over Obama (40%) while people with postgraduate education prefer Obama (52%) over McCain (42%).

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The Fallacy of the Liberal Elite

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Conservatives and Republicans gasping in mock horror over “liberal elites” is about as Orwellian as it gets!

Great piece by Alterman on the rise of the conservative “liberal elite” smear and how fallacious it really is. Of course, like most things conservative, the “liberal elite” theme traces it’s roots back to good old Dutch:

The contemporary conservative obsession with the “liberal elite” has its origin in the campaign of 1964, when Ronald Reagan crisscrossed the country in support of Barry Goldwater’s presidential aspirations, accusing liberals of believing that “an intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our […]

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In case Jill was wondering, I won’t be commenting on this story either:

Tavis Smiley Will Cut Ties With Joyner Radio Show

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Thanks Guvna! Why can’t more Republicans be sensible like this?

MISSION VALLEY – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said yesterday he would strongly oppose an inititiative to outlaw same-sex marriage if it qualifies for the November ballot.

“I will always be there to fight against that,” the governor said to thunderous applause in San Diego at the convention of the Log Cabin Republicans, a national gay Republican organization.

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Tim Russo: No Longer Interrupted

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Today is the day. If you were wondering where Russo’s been, this is it:

If you enjoy Tim’s style and like it when he’s both barrels into the wind, you will not want to take your eyes off of this site for some time. If you don’t like Russo’s style but want to have a better understanding of politics in general, but Ohio politics specifically – again, don’t take your eyes off of this site. Democracy Guy is back…and he’s pissed.

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Gallups Daily Prez Tracking

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