It’s final. It’s over. He won. Hands down.


Absolutely, positively got his mojo workin’ here. Damn.

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  • Obama is transformative in all the wrong directions……..

    There is a lot that could be said here, like why didn’t Obama leave his church during the 20 years he went there? Why did he subject his children to listen to that hate speech? But, we already know the answer.

    And he is condescending. Does he really think the only reason people “cling” to their guns is because of bitterness? I have my guns because the Constitution gives me the right to have them and protect my family in good times and in bad times. His remarks suggest he does not appreciate the extent to which Americans will go to keep their guns or why they believe they should have them. — It is not so they can knock over a gas station. The only reasonable conclusion anyone should take from this is Obama is reflecting a feeling that he has and some Blacks may have about “clinging” to guns and it has little to do with the Second Amendment. He never mentioned hunting because it isn’t about hunting, it is about hurting people. It is about taking what they want and think they deserve. And that is why some of the rest of us keep guns, not because we’re bitter, but because someone may try to harm our families and take what is ours.

    He also insults Americans in “small towns” and elsewhere, who may “cling to religion.” Does this tell us something about his own attitude toward religion? It raises and unmasks the question on a lot of people’s minds. Is he really a Christian or did some of the Islam taught to him as a child by his father (and stepfather), during his most formidable years influence his current religious views?

    And it raises another question. Does he really think people are anti-immigrant only because they are bitter about the economy or concerned more about undocumented immigrants having access to resources denied to “small town Americans,” as well as all naturalized and born Americans, unfairly?

    Obama has made misstatements which he is now defending. He says he knows why people are bitter. I’m annoyed at his elitism and his condescension and skewed dysfunctional understanding about Americans because the media has never adequately vetted him. Now the truth is being revealed quite by accident and it may be too late. If Obama becomes the nominee, we will all be in a lot of trouble. The real Obama has an anti-progressive-regressive-admiration for Republican governance and an elitist and privileged perspective which is not shared with most Americans. It is true Obama would be transformative – though the transformation would be in the wrong direction.

    Others are judged by the company they keep.
    Why not Obama?

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  • Hi Hank. I have a feeling you didn’t even watch the video.

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