According to first read Hillary Clinton was seen drinking a shot of Crown Royal in Crown Point, IN yesterday.

In case you didn’t know, Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky– or, as we spell it here in the states, whiskey.

Probably not a good choice for a US presidential candidate trying to win over working class voters in the rural midwest.

With the Kentucky primary coming up on May 20 might I suggest a decent Kentucky Bourbon like Woodford Reserve next time?

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  • Woodford is a good choice. For sure the most bourbon bang for the buck. Shots of bourbon are overrated though. For my money I like to drink decent bourbon mixed with Coke (Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, even Beam).

    Great bourbons I like to drink on the rocks. One cube per 2 oz. or so. (Woodford, Baker’s, Blanton’s, Basil).

    Exceptional bourbons I like to drink neat. (Woodford and Blanton’s again, Pappy Van Winkle 12, 15 and 20 year old, Booker’s, Weller 12 and 19 year)

    There is one that tops the list. Pappy Van Winkle Special 23 year old. If you ever see this, buy it immediately. I’ll give you 25% over what you paid. And If I ever see you add a mixer or ice to this one I’ll probably hit you.

    If you are ever in Central Kentucky (my roots), you have to take the Bourbon Trail!

  • I was SO waiting for that comment! I knew you’d have something to say about the Bourbon.

    And, of course, I agree.

    Anything at or above Jim Beam I’ll drink on the rocks- all night long.

    Though at home (i.e. right now) I tend to sip on Old Crow and diet.

  • If you’re gonna bottom barrel it, the dirty bird is the way to go! I do think I just found your “new daddy” gift though. 😉

  • Just to clarify, I rate bourbons as decent, great, and exceptional (I’ve not yet had a truly “bad” bourbon). I do think Woodford is well beyond “decent” as you say in your original post.

    Also, with the Kentucky Derby coming up in a few weeks I have some more advice. Steer clear of the Mint Julep. Take it from a Kentucky boy. They are highly overrated. That’s what we serve the out-of-staters. Stick with some good bourbon neat or on the rocks. Leave the mint to the cooks.

    It just occurred to me with our due date being May 5th we might well have us a Derby baby! How cool would that be?

  • I made an LOLHillary. Click my name.

  • I guess you haven’t had Ancient Age? Gave me a wicked headache.

    Or the watered down version of Early Times they sell at the grocery store (<40 proof)- that’s pretty bad too.

  • Thanks Renee:

  • You can tell it’s a classy joint because they have the pour line on the shot glasses.

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