• They begin to stand at 3:15 and it lasts until 3:45. He spoke truth, got spun, and then hammered the spinners. It’s a thing of beauty to watch and it resonates with people for a very good reason. People don’t buy the righteous political indignation over a comment taken horribly out of context.

    This one is easy for those who pay attention and aren’t wearing Billary colored glasses.

  • Matt N.

    HAHA- Atleast Sherrod Brown truly believes, with all his heart, the discredited economics of the Left and Pat Buchanan. Obama’s comments that he is responding to show that on NAFTA and free trade he “gets it”, and it saying what he needs to to pander to foolish voters. Oddly enough, I find that somewhat comforting.

  • BTW, over 2,000 comments on the post containing this video at Obama’s website.

  • Complete transcript of his SF remarks are here.

  • “Discredited economics”?

    Bush and the republican congress spent the past 8 years giving the rich tax breaks while spending TRILLIONS of dollars on a war with no end.

    Where has it gotten us?

    Huge national debts owed to foreign countries, an explosion of terrorist groups recruiting and killing in the middle east, and- oh yeah- this damn recession.

  • Matt N.

    Recessions are natural in any economy, and are quite healthy. I am skeptical about claims that we are in an recession- and if we are, by the time we get the data, we would already be out of it.

  • @6: Of course you are skeptical. It doesn’t fit into your worldview that Bush’s failed policies could have led us here.

    Delayed understanding of data doesn’t change the fact that we are in it and people are feeling the effects of it.

    I suppose you view the government bailing out investment banks with taxpayer dollars as “natural in any economy”. Funny how you don’t rail against that.

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