After weeks of working to convince white, working-class, PA voters that Barack Obama is too black – the Clinton campaign has finally decided this isn’t going to work and now they have adopted a new tactic: convince them that Obama is a liberal elitist who is out-of-touch with working class folks.

The problem with this tactic is: Hillary actually IS almost everything that she is trying to convince people Obama is- except for a liberal.

Do you REALLY think some guy who made $30K last year is going to believe that Hillary Clinton – of the famous and rich Clinton family who made over 100 MILLION DOLLARS in the past few years – is actually in-touch and not an elitist?

Do you really think the rest of us actually believe she is a caring, self-sacrificing liberal?

Fuck no.

This is a person who started off as a hard-core Republican…

In 1964 she volunteered for Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

In 1965, during her freshman year at Wellesley College, she served as president of the Young Republicans. In her junior year she had an internship with Rep. Gerald Ford and the House Republican Caucus.

In 1968 she actually attended the Republican National Convention in Miami!!!

Sure- she seems to have come over to the non-dark side in the 70’s after meeting her future husband Bill Clinton at Yale.

And sure- none of this actually makes her a bad person really. We all make mistakes when we’re young…

But when you add in her anti-union walmart experience it gets awful hard to believe she actually represents the left.