Is she absolutely insane? WTF? Tell me this is parody. This has to be CGI. If not it’s probably the most pathetic thing I’ve seen her do:

Hillary appears to have adopted a concerted strategy of telling local media in states that will vote after Pennsylvania that Obama and his supporters are opposed to allowing those states’ residents to vote.

Absolutely fucking pathetic. What a liar and a dirty trickster. She absolutely must be stopped. This is completely shameless. I’ve lost what little respect for her and her campaign team I may have had left.

While it’s true that Obama surrogates have called for her to drop out, the farthest that any Obama campaign official has gone is to say that Hillary almost certainly can’t win the contest and that there should be a “sober” evaluation of her chances. And Obama himself has explicitly said she has a right to continue campaigning.

North Carolina – Obama +15

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