From the daily archives: Saturday, April 12, 2008

After weeks of working to convince white, working-class, PA voters that Barack Obama is too black – the Clinton campaign has finally decided this isn’t going to work and now they have adopted a new tactic: convince them that Obama is a liberal elitist who is out-of-touch with working class folks.

The problem with this tactic is: Hillary actually IS almost everything that she is trying to convince people Obama is- except for a liberal.

Do you REALLY think some guy who made $30K last year is going to believe that Hillary Clinton – of the famous and rich Clinton […]

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So we remember what we’re dealing with here. A Democrat Governor calling Fox News fair and balanced:

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Barack just keeps on chugging right along, answering the attacks of the political opportunists. His ability to flip attacks and turn them into strengths is really quite stunning. This morning he continued to do so in Muncie, Indiana. Addressing the “bitter” statement and the resulting attacks by both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain:

We’ve got to get past the divisions, we’ve got to get past the distractions of our politics and fight for each other. And that’s why I’m running for President of the United States. And I think we’ve got an opportunity to bring about that […]

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Good stuff:

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Expectation setting in PA is a dire hint for the Hillary campaign. Wolfson is clearly setting the stage for a narrow Clinton win due to recent polling:

Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson said Obama has spent $6.5 million on TV ads in Pennsylvania, while the Clinton campaign has spent $2.5 million.

“He is doing everything he can to win in Pennsylvania,” Wolfson said. “And if he doesn’t win, it will be a significant defeat for him.”

Remember. She was up double digits not long ago. 18-20 points. Anything less than 15% is lower than expected. Anything less than 10% […]

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Is she absolutely insane? WTF? Tell me this is parody. This has to be CGI. If not it’s probably the most pathetic thing I’ve seen her do:

Hillary appears to have adopted a concerted strategy of telling local media in states that will vote after Pennsylvania that Obama and his supporters are opposed to allowing those states’ residents to vote.

Absolutely fucking pathetic. What a liar and a dirty trickster. She absolutely must be stopped. This is completely shameless. I’ve lost what little respect for her and her campaign team I may have had left.

While it’s […]

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Toobin: “Ridiculous. Destructive. Distorting. Embarassing. What Obama said is factually accurate”

Cafferty: “The people are frustrated. Nothing new here. Obama is not suggesting the people are to blame. It’s the Clinton’s and the Bush’s, and the McCain’s.”

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Why McCain Can’t Beat Obama

On April 12, 2008 By

It’s simple really. John McCain backed into the Republican nomination out of a sea of confusion, disunity, and complacency. You noticed over and over in key primaries early on. Republican turnout was about as robust as Eeyore making his way across the Hundred Acre Wood. Meanwhile Democrats were bouncing in Tigger fashion to pull the lever for their favorite candidate. Including in this bouncing were brand new voters being drawn in by a fresh new candidate the likes of which some had not seen in their lifetime.

Let’s face it, the Republican Party is in disarray and is trying desperately […]

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