Let’s hope it’s NOT the Neocons. 😉 You had to know this was going on – for some time. It’s been fun watching the trepidation in the Ohio rightysphere. There’s no real joy in their candidate. It’s a tug of war to be sure among moderate pragmatists and stark raving mad wingnuts. So who will win the fight for John McCain’s soul?

“It maybe too strong a term to say a fight is going on over John McCain’s soul,” said Lawrence Eagleburger, a secretary of state under the first President George Bush, who is a member of the pragmatist camp. “But if it’s not a fight, I am convinced there is at least going to be an attempt. I can’t prove it, but I’m worried that it’s taking place.”

In addition, Mr. Eagleburger said, “there is no question that a lot of my far right friends have now decided that since you can’t beat him, let’s persuade him to slide over as best we can on these critical issues.”

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