Remember back in February when Matt Naugle started his new blog?

He promised to “stay away from the tabloid-style reporting which took place on Right Angle Blog.”

I think people are tired of being reminded of Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman’s and Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann’s infidelity… So from now on, I will focus less on salacious scuttlebutt and more on policy.

Promises, Promises.

10 of Matt’s last 12 posts have been about the sexual harrasment case in AG Marc Dann’s office. If you look at the post titles I think you’ll agree that “salacious scuttlebutt” and “tabloid-style reporting” are pretty much all we’re getting from the Naugster…

* Pandagon and Condogate
* A Theme Song for AG Marc Dann’s Condogate?
* Marc Dann’s Condogate- Another Update
* Marc Dann Admits that he is Unqualified to be Attorney General
* Awkward Marc Dann Interview from the Dayton Daily News
* Marc Dann and Wonkette
* Dann Denies Condogate
* Dann’s Condogate Sex Scandal- Another Update
* Sexual Harassment Training at the AG’s Office
* Sexual Harassment Alleged by Two Employees of AG Marc Dann

And if that doesn’t convince you- take a look at his tag cloud:

Welcome back Matt.

  • Matt N.

    I am just pleased that the strong rumors from credible inside sources were finally backed up by the MSM. I was apologizing for running these stories back in NOVEMBER of last year. It is quite a different situation now. It is now time to take Dann out at the kneecaps… Democrats would be wise to do the same.

  • So I should teach my children there immutable laws of the world? Death, taxes, and Naugle’s salacious wingnuttery?

    Policy got boring real quick, eh Matthew?

  • PS – I think Naugle is hitting refresh on PB more than Redfern! 😉

  • Can I just say this post makes me proud? I think it deserves a whole bar tab for Joe the next time I see him. I love you Joseph!

    (yes, i know how expensive that could be…i love this that much)

  • Policy does, in fact, get really boring really quickly.

    Then again- so does reading about the same salacious scuttlebutt of a story over and over again.

    Dann’s an ass. We know that.

    It still doesn’t make him a bad AG. Just an ass.

  • tim russo

    ah, matty never disappoints.


    Matt Naugle is shooting at Dann to divert attention from his miserable stuttering existence. With Naugle in charge of the web strategy, Ken “Illegal Bonuses” Blackwell brought nearly the whole Republican Party ticket down with his landslide loss. Thanks for the assist, Matty!

  • Matt N.

    HAHA I love it when anonymous blog commenters get so angry. As you know, the internets are serious business!

  • Modern Esquire

    Um, Matt, call your lawyer or get one. I think you’ve obviously jumped the shark on the Dann story already:

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