According to the Ohio House Website, the total extent of Rep. John Adams (R – 78) education is: “Attended Mesa Community College”.

So we’re not exactly dealing with a braniac here. The guy couldn’t even finish community college. And this really shows in the legislation he proposes.

Up until now he’s sponsored 4 bills.

The first two were pretty boring ones about pharmacists and dental hygienists.

But the next two bills sponsored by this community-college dropout were, by most measures, really just stupid: one that requires paternal consent for abortions and another that removes any requirements for carrying a concealed handgun.

Recently he introduced another bill that we can quickly add to the stupid list.

HB 514 seeks to…

prohibit the State Lottery Commission from establishing a lottery game that has more than two announcements of prize winners per day or that is played on a slot machine, including a game of keno.

This is obviously just a political move to block plans by the Governor and the Lottery Commission to add Keno to the list of games offered by the Ohio Lottery and in the process help avoid cuts to education funding in Ohio.

I guess Adams’ reasoning goes something like this: “hell, I didn’t need no stinking education so no ones else should get none neither.”