According to the Ohio House Website, the total extent of Rep. John Adams (R – 78) education is: “Attended Mesa Community College”.

So we’re not exactly dealing with a braniac here. The guy couldn’t even finish community college. And this really shows in the legislation he proposes.

Up until now he’s sponsored 4 bills.

The first two were pretty boring ones about pharmacists and dental hygienists.

But the next two bills sponsored by this community-college dropout were, by most measures, really just stupid: one that requires paternal consent for abortions and another that removes any requirements for carrying a concealed handgun.

Recently he introduced another bill that we can quickly add to the stupid list.

HB 514 seeks to…

prohibit the State Lottery Commission from establishing a lottery game that has more than two announcements of prize winners per day or that is played on a slot machine, including a game of keno.

This is obviously just a political move to block plans by the Governor and the Lottery Commission to add Keno to the list of games offered by the Ohio Lottery and in the process help avoid cuts to education funding in Ohio.

I guess Adams’ reasoning goes something like this: “hell, I didn’t need no stinking education so no ones else should get none neither.”

  • Matt N.

    The lottery doesn’t “cut the cost” of education. And the Ohio lottery’s commercials are deceptive, because they pretend that a portion of lottery profits are put into some sort of vault only to be used for education… When in reality, any money to schools from the lottery simply takes the place of money in the GRF which will be spent elsewhere.

    It is amusing how liberals on Plunderbund hate the free market (where positive sum gains take place) but support gambling (which is always a zero sum gain).

    Speaking of College Degrees, atleast this guy didn’t order his through the mail like Joyce Beatty did.

  • @1: Note to Matt, I’m still de-spam marking you. Not sure why it’s not learning. Just FYI in case you don’t see your comments right away. 😉

    PS – I certainly don’t hate the free market. Can’t speak for the other Plundermonkies. I just wish the market you tout really was “free”.

  • J-Dog

    He’s a veritable genius compared to Jeff Wagner, R-81, who never even made it as far as community college.

    J-Dog (Woof!)

  • dirtgirl

    he totally stole the idea for the keno legislation from Senator Amstutz and introduced it first. I’d say that’s pretty smart.

  • Matt N.

    Still, it is quite silly to think Keno is going to make or break someones education. I have no philosophical opposition to gambling, but I don’t want it run as a state protected monopoly and I have grown tired of people claiming it will be some sort of magic cure-all for education. As Cleveland and other school districts have shown, dumping more money in them doesn’t result in better education.

    And abortion? I’d rather have a 100% ban, no exceptions. Far too many innocents have been killed in the American abortion holocaust.

    Also Joe, some of the smartest and most successful businessmen I know don’t have college degrees. When you look at the actual cost and opportunity cost of an undergraduate degree, it isn’t worth it for most people… especially those not going to school for engineering or some very technical degree. So my advice to high school students is, if you want a liberal arts degree, save your money, and just read Proust, Joyce and other such nonsense at home.

  • @5: Yes, because we all know that which is banned ceases to exist! Sigh. Let’s try having a goal of reducing to zero? How’s Bush done in this regard versus say Clinton? Hmmm? Is telling kids to stop screwing working out? I won’t get in to how bad your holocaust analogy is. Waste of pixels.

    I think higher education is certainly valuable, but you can accomplish it in very different ways. You surely don’t need a degree to be successful. (says the guy with no degree lol). How’s your degree thing goin’ Matt?

  • Matt N.

    It is premeditated murder with accomplices, and should be treated at such. Banning murder doesn’t eliminate murder (which is especially the case in Mike Coleman’s Columbus), but that doesn’t justify making murder “safe, legal, and rare.”

    My analogy is bad? Try telling that to the millions of members of our generation who were not allowed to live.

  • @7: I dunno Matthew C. I think the Supreme’s might disagree with you a wee bit. I know most of America does and for this I’m very grateful. I can’t imagine a nation of Naugles. Ewww. That creeped me out just to type!

    I’m pretty sure the view that “aborting a pregnancy is premeditated murder” is a very minority view – for a reason!

    In fact, your radical wingnut views have never topped 20 percent. Ever! 😉

  • Matt N.

    If most Americans support some sort of abortion, then you should have no problem with the Supreme Court overruling the sloppy Roe v. Wade decision and properly return the issues to the states and the people.

  • @9: It’s funny how flip floppy you are on “returning the issue to the people”. If it’s abortion we are talking about, then “states rights! states rights!”. If it’s guns and concealed carry then you say “to hell with home rule.”

    Make up your mind. I’d say the right of a woman to control her own body supersedes the right of a community to decide for her. But I’m into individual liberty and crazy things like that. It’s not a “state” issue. It’s a “woman” issue. Something you know very little about. I should say WE here. It’s still a big mystery to me as well. 😉

    But no, let’s NOT return the issue to the states. I then might have to disown the south and I really don’t want to have to do that.

    The bottom line to all of this is that the decision to carry a fertilized egg to term is completely in the hands of the woman whose egg happens to be fertilized – 100%, no exceptions.

    Now, if you want to talk about prevention, then let’s do that. Our discussion would include things like proper sex education. Affordable health care. Access to information and family planning products. The reduction and elimination of race and class discrimination and opportunity. The reduction of poverty. These are all things that contribute to higher rates of abortion overall. My guess is you don’t want to address these things. You only want to force your morality on others and consign women to living by your personal standards.

    Nobody wants there to be abortion. It is not supported by the left as a good thing. I know my personal position is that it is something that should never happen but does and the decision whether it will or not is left to the woman whose egg has been fertilized. We have no right to infringe upon her basic liberty to govern her own body and whether or not she will carry a child. It completely escapes me how wingnuts don’t see that. I guess only the libertarian wing now believes in personal liberty.

    So my advice, Matt, is to always carry a condom and never let primal urges put you in a position where you’ll have to counsel a woman that you’ve impregnated as to her decision to have a child or abort the pregnancy. If you succeed, great. Life is not always so simple though. You’ll find out sooner rather than later I suppose.

  • Matt N.

    Home rule isn’t the same as states rights. The state defines the political boundaries and authorities of Ohio’s 88 counties. And, unlike abortion, gun rights are specifically mentioned and protected in both the US and Ohio constitution.

    I want abortion to be a state’s issue. Your lack of respect for the sanctity of life, and your unwillingness to atleast err on the side of protecting life, is troublesome. But I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, as your politics certainly match up well with Margaret Sanger’s.

    The best cure for poverty is a job. And as capital always follows the path of least resistance and greatest opportunity, taxes and regulations must be low, property rights must be secure, currency must be stable, and the judicial system must be fair. When government turns its focus away from these goals and gets into the business of social engineering or robbing Peter to pay Paul, we all lose.

  • @11: Liberty is also protected, Matt. Look that word up sometime. Print the definition out and tape it to your computer screen. Fold it up and place it in your pocket. It will guide you when you begin to go astray – as you have.

    “The condition of being free from restriction or control.”

    “The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one’s own choosing.”

    Women are citizens of a country that has a Constitution that guarantees this right to liberty. It, and not gun rights, is mentioned in the Preamble. Gun rights had to wait for an amendment, so I’d say personal liberty and the right to govern ones own body is a higher right than carrying a 9mm under your sport coat. Women’s own body and it’s reproductive system is hallowed ground with respect to this right. It’s a fundamental truth and is ordained by your God. Our government guarantees the freedom of a woman to choose to either carry a fetus to term or abort the pregnancy. It’s fundamental and you’d be trashing the ideals of the founders if you banned something that is the sole responsibility of only the individual woman.

    As for the sanctity of life, don’t think because you want to ban abortion you are any more concerned about the sanctity of life than I. I’m insulted by that and you should know better. You don’t seem too concerned when it comes to innocent civilians in war. Cost of doing business I guess. I also don’t see you railing against the kind of inequality that causes even more of what you rail against. You are a hypocrite in both regards.

    You’ve not got some moral high ground here so don’t pretend to. I’m just as much, indeed more-so, concerned about not only the sanctity but the quality of human life in this country as well as the world.

    You need a hand getting down from that high horse?

    Nice free market thesis at the end. It seems we’ve had 8 years of “lower taxes” and “decreased regulation and oversight”. How has that worked out for us so far? I’d say we are seeing the kind of redistribution you so abhor – in the opposite direction!

    Funny you should mention “regulation being low”, as this is basically the method you have prescribed to combat your “abortion holocaust.” Again, make up your mind!

    Sanger was completely right about contraception and birth control, something she once spent 30 days in prison for. Now, I’m no fan of eugenics, but sometimes while playing comment tennis like this I do wonder…

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