From the daily archives: Thursday, April 10, 2008

So says UN investigator, the BBC reports:

Professor Falk said he drew the comparison between the treatment of Palestinians with the Nazi record of collective atrocity, because of what he described as the massive Israeli punishment directed at the entire population of Gaza.

He said he understood that it was a provocative thing to say, but at the time, last summer, he had wanted to shake the American public from its torpor.

“If this kind of situation had existed for instance in the manner in which China was dealing with Tibet or the Sudanese government was dealing with Darfur, […]

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According to the Ohio House Website, the total extent of Rep. John Adams (R – 78) education is: “Attended Mesa Community College”.

So we’re not exactly dealing with a braniac here. The guy couldn’t even finish community college. And this really shows in the legislation he proposes.

Up until now he’s sponsored 4 bills.

The first two were pretty boring ones about pharmacists and dental hygienists.

But the next two bills sponsored by this community-college dropout were, by most measures, really just stupid: one that requires paternal consent for abortions and another that removes any requirements for […]

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John McCain makes a statement on China and the Olympics today. So that’s basically every single candidate for President speaking out against China. Good stuff. I’ve highlighted the surprises from McCain below. I’m not sure you can characterize this as him jumping on a political bandwagon unless he’s trying to score points with moderates. He certainly won’t endear himself to the likes of Keeler and other “conservatives” with this seeming support for an issue a bunch of “jobless professional protestors” have taken up:

“Our relationship with China is important, and we value our ability to cooperate with the Chinese […]

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Classic headline from the Dayton Daily News

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John McCain’s Century Problem

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There’s a reason they are screaming so loudly over this one. They know it was an incredibly stupid thing to say and Republicans are doing everything they can to get that genie back in the bottle.

There’s no great mystery here. McCain’s (repeated) willingness to maintain a century-long presence in Iraq has become the single biggest mess for his campaign that Republicans can’t explain away.

Salon’s Benen calls is a “century-long problem”. John’s gotta feel it’s been almost that long and he can’t get everyone to stop saying “McCain”, “Iraq”, and “100 years” in the same sentence. Make […]

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Two new animal cruelty bills are being discussed today – both would increase penalties on offenders…

Ohio House Bill 418 would increase the penalties for cruelty to animals and allow victims of domestic violence to include their pets on protection orders.

Ohio House Bill 415 would make dog fighting and cockfighting a felony offense. Animal fighting is currently a misdemeanor.

I have some suggestions for the increased penalties, but so far State Rep. Brian Williams hasn’t responded to my request for a meeting regarding the inclusion of a ‘battle to the death’ clause for extreme offenders…

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Sounds like business as usual to me:

Congress is on the hot seat to ease the home foreclosure crisis, but a bipartisan bill before the U.S. Senate this week doesn’t come close to doing the job.

The legislation provides little real help to the growing ranks of homeowners facing foreclosure. But it helps just about everybody else, giving generous tax breaks to home builders, lenders and buyers of foreclosed properties.

The so-called Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 does little to spur restructuring of troubled mortgages. Ironically, senators threw out the provision that consumer groups believe would do the […]

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via Daily Mail:

Comedian John Cleese has revealed that he would like to write speeches for U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

The Monty Python star, who has donated $2,300 to Obama’s campaign, thinks his creative touch could be crucial in helping the “brilliant” Senator win the White House.

The 68-year-old said: “If Barack Obama gets the nomination I’m going to offer my services to him as a speechwriter because I think he is a brilliant man.”

You do have to consider that Cleese does indeed appear to be a brilliant speechwriter:

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