John McCain’s campaign announced that Mitt Romney will be campaigning for John in Lancaster, PA tomorrow.

Man I hope he gets a bunch of questions about the polygamist Mormons in Eldorado Texas!

If you think working class folks in PA are turned off by Pastor Wright…

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  • He might get a question like that, but that group is a breakway group from his religion. I dont think Romney attended services for multiple years at the compound in Texas.

  • Fair enough. But his family is big-time into the religion.

    Go back 2 generations…

  • So….

    how is that different than saying Obamas dad was a Muslim?

  • Well- for starters- Barack Obama himself is not a Muslim even if his dad was. He never practiced the religion and even if he did- who cares?

    Mitt Romney is a Mormon. He and his family are and have been church elders – yes all the way back (to 1978) when blacks were excluded and back when polygamy was still practiced by all Mormons.

    But, of course, I was just being silly. I don’t give a crap what people want to believe as long as they don’t try to push it on me.

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