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New Study: Income Gap Widens

On April 9, 2008 By

No surprise, really, given the policies of a two-term failed Republican administration:

NEW YORK ( — Poor and middle-class families are entering the recession in a precarious situation due in part to declining or stagnant income growth, a study released Wednesday has found.

Incomes, on average, have declined by 2.5% among the bottom fifth of families since the late 1990s, while inching up by just 1.3% for those in the middle fifth of households, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute, two liberal think tanks.

The wealthiest […]

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We Can Solve It: Great Spot!

On April 9, 2008 By

This is a really great ad:

Ad is for The We Campaign, which is a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection – a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al Gore.

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Romney in PA for McCain

On April 9, 2008 By

John McCain’s campaign announced that Mitt Romney will be campaigning for John in Lancaster, PA tomorrow.

Man I hope he gets a bunch of questions about the polygamist Mormons in Eldorado Texas!

If you think working class folks in PA are turned off by Pastor Wright…

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Due to begin filming this month and released in 2009 and possibly before the upcoming November election, Stone’s film seeks to answer the question:

“How did Bush go from being an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?”

ABC News was the first to get a leaked screenplay and there are some zingers in it:

Reassuring Tony Blair about peace in post-invasion Iraq, Bush exclaims, “the last thing they’ll want’s ‘nother war … they’re all Muslims anyway, (chuckling) and they gotta pray five times a day.”

The president drinks non-alcoholic beer while Dick Cheney snickers, […]

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Book it:

Traders in the Dublin-based Intrade prediction market gave Democratic front-runner Barack Obama an 86 percent chance of being the Democratic presidential nominee, versus a 12.8 percent for Clinton, the New York senator and former first lady.

Results were similar on the Iowa Electronic Markets at the University of Iowa, with traders giving Obama an 82.9 percent chance of winning, versus a 12.8 percent chance for Clinton.

Intrade traders were betting the Democratic nominee would ultimately become president. They gave the Democrat a 59.1 percent chance of winning, versus a 48.8 percent chance for the Republican. Iowa traders […]

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