Acting in his role as Ohio’s Attorney General, Marc Dann has a done a pretty good job especially in protecting consumers and in fighting failing charter schools.

He never seems to make the news for any of his good work, though. Only for the bad choices he and his employees make. Unfortunately, there have been A LOT of these bad choices. Add to that list the latest ‘scandal’ involving sexual harassment complaints against Anthony Gutierrez – a section chief in the AG’s office and a friend and former roommate of Dann’s.

I don’t need to go through and catalog everything for you- I’m sure there are plenty of righty blogs preparing to do that as I type this. I think it’s sufficient to say that Marc Dann appears to be hiring his friends and then letting them run wild.

I’ve spoken with multiple people who think Dann should resign. I don’t happen to agree with that.

Instead, I think he needs to clean house. And he needs to do it immediately.

This means getting rid of every employee that is a personal friend of Dann. Sleezeballs like Gutierrez need to go ASAP if it turns out the allegations are true. No paid leave. No transfers. Just gone.

And, while I often find Leo Jennings’ comments hilarious – he’s not the kind of guy you want handling your communications and he needs to go too.

Just to be safe, I’d say the AG needs to start getting rid of everyone from Youngstown – personal friends of not – just to avoid any more problems.

In addition, he needs to immediately apologize (publicly) to the two women who filed sexual harassment charges and promise to do everything he can to investigate and resolve the problem.

If it turns out the HR person/people actually did try to cover this up – make them resign.

And last but certainly not least, Dann needs to get a new scheduler. Preferably an extremely unattractive male scheduler who doesn’t have a myspace page.

Listen to me, Mr. Dann. You can’t handle any more scandals like this. You need to make some serious changes very soon if you want to have any chance of getting reelected in 2010.

  • Thanks for this post, Joe. I think this is really good advice and I hope Marc Dann follows at least some of it!

  • Thanks for the comment, Eric. 😉

    It might also be a good idea if Dann ditched the SUV and started using one of the compact cars the rest of Ohio’s state employees have to drive.

  • In Jennings defense, I cant imagine a much tougher state govt job than having to be Marc Dann’s spokesman.

  • Matt N.

    “And last but certainly not least, Dann needs to get a new scheduler. Preferably an extremely unattractive male scheduler who doesn’t have a myspace page.”

    Hilarious! Thank you Joseph- Lefty bloggers take themselves so seriously that this is the first time one has made me laugh loudly.

  • MM

    Joe: You can check this with the Dann people – but they already replaced Jessica the scheduler with someone else …. the last time this topic came up last fall. Right around the time they probably realized these allegations would someday hit the airwaves. Also, contrary to what his quote in the Dispatch was, Leo J. does not treat any of this seriously at all. He’s talked about these allegations in public AND he lives in the condo. You are correct – its time for a new media mouthpiece, among other things, ASAP.

  • Dion

    Marc Dann is a complete Youngstown union thug. He masquerades as a “champion for justice” when people in the democrat party know he is a two faced dirt bag.

    He wouldn’t even be in office if Strickland hadn’t thrown him so much campaign money.

    Marc Dann is BAD for Ohio. WAKE UP OHIO!

    Republican’s love money, democrats love SEX. Dirty horn-bags with no-self esteem and less self-respect.

    Step down DANN!

  • @4: Funny, yes. You need a better humor detector though if you’ve not thought lefty bloggers funny before.

  • Matt N.

    Yes, Jessica was demoted… which wasn’t the first time she was screwed.

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  • MM

    Joe: Please include in your advice column to Dann that he have an OUTSIDE interest (maybe another state agency or the Franklin Co. Prosecutor) perform the investigation in to this matter. The fact that another high-ranking member of Dann’s team is heading the investigation doesn’t give even the appearance of fair and credible.

  • MM: it looks like Dann took the advice:

    Dann Withdraws from Sexual Harassment Investigation
    Attorney General Marc Dann has recused himself from a growing investigation of sexual harassment charges against General Services Director Anthony Gutierrez. Dann has asked former Senate Minority Leader Ben Espy, his executive assistant attorney general, to refer all reports in the matter to First Assistant Attorney General Tom Winters. Read more in Tuesday’s Hannah Report.

    (from Rotunda Insider)

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