Poor King. Poor Frantz. Their little “dump on lefty” show is over before it began. I told you earlier about the new radio show at WTAM including bloggers. I got a note today from Cleveland Bob over at Loud Mouth Soup and he says they told him he can’t be on because…get this: He uses too much profanity on his blog!

That’s funny I don’t care who you are.

However, they will probably continue with the participation of the righty who uses the term “asshat” frequently and pukes all over his blog with profane commentary on a daily basis. You see, freedom of speech apparently doesn’t include the terms fuck, fucktard, shit, damn, bitch, or asshole. It must include asshat, though! I never knew freedom of speech only included good words. These guys are hilarious. As if a blogger doesn’t know that you can’t speak on the radio the same way you blog.

I suppose it’s perfectly fine to them that someone call a candidate for President a “terrorist loving asshat and moron who dresses like them”. This must be considered proper form of discourse at WTAM.

What a bunch of morons. I still think it best if they are left to wallow in their own wingnuttia. No lefty blogger in their right mind would touch that with a ten foot pole. Good luck finding your Colmes guys! Ya bunch of asshats. 😉

Oh yeah, I guess WTAM thinks it’s acceptable to post this in a comment at a blog as well:

Here is my apology – Kiss my ass you chicken shit liberal suck ass.

I will soon have some special stuff that will be sure to thrill you asshat panty waist kiss asses absolutely spitless.

So stick your ban, the broad you refer to and marking spam up your fat fucking ass. As you yank my privileges, make sure you get a good hold on my dick and yank that too!

Such a potty mouth Ralph!

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