This is choice. Our favorite banned wingnut racist vile hate-blogger Ralph King was invited by wingnut racist vile hate-talker Bob Frantz to be on his radio show at WTAM. Of course they invited a lefty blogger to give the guise of some kind of “fair and balanced” spirit. I’ve not ever listened to Bob Frantz and probably won’t start, but I hear tell he’s a Limbaugh wannabe.

I’m all for media playing together and it’s a good sign when it happens (Joe and I have both been on the radio as have several other bloggers). This thing, however, wreaks of a wingnut trainwreck. In fact, the blogger in question over at Loud Mouth Soup is already questioning his decision to get on the show after having listened in to Tom Hamilton’s show on the same station where he announced yesterday that today he’d have the brother of James Earl Ray on the program – on the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King! He says:

I mean, are you fucking kidding me? The brother of James Earl Ray? What are they gonna ask him?…what it felt like when his god fearin’ brother shot Dr. King?…If black folks still deserve to be angry over the assassination?…which beverage goes better with a Moon Pie; an RC Cola or Dr. Pepper? Hot, fancy Moses!

Yeah, Bob. It’s like that!

I had been head askew over Ben Keeler for a bit, but his assessment of Ralph as one of the “best right wing bloggers our state has” really has me wondering, especially given some of the things Ralph has been spewing of late. A debate with Ralph, however, shouldn’t be all that big a deal, if it wasn’t being hosted by a Limbaugh wannabe.

My advice to “Cleveland Bob” would be to walk away from this trainwreck of a program. There is a reason Barack Obama won’t go on Fox and Friends. There is a reason I don’t let Ralph comment here anymore. Check out his parting shot:

Here is my apology – Kiss my ass you chicken shit liberal suck ass.

I will soon have some special stuff that will be sure to thrill you ass hat panty waist kiss asses absolutely spitless.

So stick your ban, the broad you refer to and marking spam up your fat fucking ass. As you yank my privileges, make sure you get a good hold on my dick and yank that too!

That’s vintage Ralph King. I’d also note to Ralph: It’s not chicken shit to hold people to a certain standard and your insults and unbridled wingnut hate speech crossed my line bro. I wanted to like you – or tolerate you at least. You wouldn’t let me. It’s hard to have a dialogue – or even an argument – when the other party is spitting in your face.

I say leave them to wallow in their own wingnuttia. They deserve one another. Maybe they can get Matt Hurley to join them and talk about tossing Mexicans in the border wall.

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