Keep an eye on this.

…and remember this:

Clinton led in Ohio by 26 points in December, 23 in January and 14 in February. She won the state by 10. That’s a 16 point swing.

In Texas, she was up 16 in mid-February, 6 in early March and won the state by 3. That’s a 13 point swing.

There are only two polls showing Clinton leading by double digits. The expectation they set was initially in the neighborhood of 17-19 points. They are now scaling that back to “double digits”. I’d say Obama is winning the expectations game in PA. Time, once again, is on his side. Anything less than 15+ points in PA is a lower than expected outcome for Hillary. Anything under 10 is a complete disaster. Should she lose? Even she’d have to finally admit it’s over.