Look over on the right and you’ll see the latest addition to the site: PlunderAds! We are doing a trial program during the beta period of Click to Blue. The reason is two fold: 1. Give progressive causes more exposure and 2. Earn some pocket change with which to do cool shit (like new T shirt designs which we’ll be able to keep in stock, be able to pay the server bill, sponsor contests, who knows).

One thing for sure, we’ll be picky about the ads we accept. We don’t need the money – it’ll all be icing on the cake of our political discourse. So all you lefties, click those suckers often. My right leaning visitors might want to avoid like the plague as those ads support the evil liberal agenda (you’re still free to click on through though!).

Click to Blue looks promising and has so far been easier to get running than Blogads. We’ve had a Blogads account for months now and have never have been able to figure their system out fully – and I’ve got two huge tech. geeks who blog at the site. Sigh. We may add those as well in order to give everyone including local candidates a chance to get some exposure on PB.

We’ll be experimenting with placement and will find the right mix of exposure and reader friendliness. Thanks for the support and for continuing to make PB a viable part of the political ‘sphere in Ohio. We love you back.

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