Oil/gas isn’t the only fossil fuel whose cost is on the rise.

The cost of Northern Appalachian coal just broke $110/ton – up from $45/ton last April.

One hundred dollars a ton doesn’t seem like that much until you consider that a typical coal-burning power plant will use 10,000 tons A DAY– and sometimes 3-4 times that much during “peak season”.

Another great reason for Ohio to start aggresively pursuing alternative energy sources as proposed in the Governor’s energy bill. You remember? The one that unanimously passed the State Senate last year.

So where is the bill now?

Months and months later – after multiple lawmaker vacations – House Speaker Jon Husted and his buddies are still screwing around with the bill.

No word from Husted on when he’ll finish gutting it of all consumer protections and environmentally-friendly provisions.

However, the CEO of FirstEnergy Corp – who seems to be more in the loop than the rest of us – recently said of the bill: “I would think over the next couple of weeks we should begin to see something.”

So there you have it: the head of a large energy company has become Jon Husted’s official energy spokesperson. At least Jon no longer trying to hide the fact that he’s totally sold out to big energy.

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