From the daily archives: Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look over on the right and you’ll see the latest addition to the site: PlunderAds! We are doing a trial program during the beta period of Click to Blue. The reason is two fold: 1. Give progressive causes more exposure and 2. Earn some pocket change with which to do cool shit (like new T shirt designs which we’ll be able to keep in stock, be able to pay the server bill, sponsor contests, who knows).

One thing for sure, we’ll be picky about the ads we accept. We don’t need the money – it’ll all be icing on […]

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Support Our Troops!

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…with the new GI Bill. “Support Our Troops” is more than a yellow ribbon bumper sticker. Brave New Films, Vote Vets, and WesPAC are calling on John McCain to sign on as a co-sponsor to S.22, the new GI Bill of Rights. This should be one of those bi-partisan things. IF they GOP and “conservatives” aren’t lying through their teeth about supporting the troops.

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The Dispatch is reporting that the the Ohio Elections Commission is levied a fine of $5.2 million dollars against the All Children Matter PAC for funneling $850,000 in illegal campaign contributions Virginia.

The PAC is associated with for-profit charter school operator David Brennan.

So…. who received the money?

You guessed it: every charter-school supporting GOP politician in Ohio.

Ken Blackwell $10,000
Jon Husted $5,000
Bill Harris $5,000
Kevin Couglin $4,000
Mary Taylor $5,000

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Oil/gas isn’t the only fossil fuel whose cost is on the rise.

The cost of Northern Appalachian coal just broke $110/ton – up from $45/ton last April.

One hundred dollars a ton doesn’t seem like that much until you consider that a typical coal-burning power plant will use 10,000 tons A DAY– and sometimes 3-4 times that much during “peak season”.

Another great reason for Ohio to start aggresively pursuing alternative energy sources as proposed in the Governor’s energy bill. You remember? The one that unanimously passed the State Senate last year.

So where is the bill now?


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An interesting new Gallup Poll asked:

Who do you LEAST want to see elected president this year.

40% – John McCain
36% – Hillary Clinton
20% – Barack Obama

More good news for Obama!

A disturbing side note: 12% of the people who chose Obama did so because they believe (incorrectly) that he is a Muslim.

I’m pretty sure, however, that this won’t translate into any sort of disadvantage when it comes to votes because I’m confident that anyone who believes this nonsense could never actually figure out where their polling place is – or even how […]

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Obama’s New PA Ad

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Barack takes off his tie (finally) in this new ad aimed at working-class Pennsylvanians…

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The Obama campaign announced today the they raised over $40 million in March.

The money came from more than 442,000 contributors – 218,000 donating for the first time.

If you do the math, that’s about 90 bucks per contribution.

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