This week George Voinovich helped introduce another anti-choice bill in the US Senate aimed at limiting access to abortion services for pregnant women.

The bill is also being sponsored by Sam Brownback and David Vitter- a couple of real nutjobs when it comes to this issue.

Brownback has a long anti-choice history, a 0% rating by NARAL and at one time compared abortion to slavery.

Vitter is even worse. He seems to lack any respect for women whatsoever. Besides cheating on his wife – as revealed by the DC Madam scandal – Vitter tried to introduce an amendment to stop all funding to Planned Parenthood for basic health services like “contraceptives, Pap smears, breast exams and tests for STDs.”

In typical Republican fashion, they are calling their latest bill “the Pregnant Women Health and Safety Act” – a name intended to hide to true purpose of the bill.

When asked about the bill, Voinovich said nothing about protecting pregnant women or keeping them healthy and safe. Instead he said: “We must do all that we can to restore our nation’s once cherished culture of life.”

Same thing with Brownback who said: “We are working toward the day when every unborn child is welcomed and loved.”

Hopefully the rest of the Senate will see this bill for what it really is- an attempt to control women’s reproductive rights – and dump the damn thing ASAP.