From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It’s true – since 1948 a Democratic White House has meant higher economic growth across all economic classes, especially poorer people, but also for the richest people in society.

Bartels shows in his book that this difference is not a statistical artifact or a fluke. It is not the result of Democrats coming to power during better economic times, or of Republicans reining in the unsustainable excesses of Democratic administrations they replace. (It turns out that the same pattern prevails even when a Republican president is succeeded by another Republican.) These numbers are real and they are […]

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YouTube Tuesdays: Ex Machina

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Don’t have anything particularly funny, and in fact I’ve been so busy I haven’t read my RSS feeds in over a week. So, here’s a trailer for what looks like a pretty awesome sci-fi action film you might not have heard of. (The Appleseed stuff is written by the guy who created Ghost in the Shell, which is some amazing Anime/Manga.)

A few other trailers for totally excellent comic book movies I’m looking forward to after the jump.

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Speaking at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va. today John McCain confessed that his current inability to control his temper is NOTHING compared to the anger issues he faced when he was a teen.

“Self-improvement should be a work in progress all our lives”, said the nearly-70-year-old Senator from AZ, “and I confess to needing it as much as anyone.”

“But I believe if my detractors had known me at Episcopal they might marvel at the self-restraint and mellowness I developed as an adult.”

Self-restraint and mellowness? Really?

Man am I looking forward to those debates!

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