Just watching John Edwards speaking in Durham, North Carolina. Instead of endorsing one of the candidates like he should have done a long time ago, he instead said this: “we would be blessed as a nation to have either one of them as our president.”

Come on, John! Make a decision already. Neither of them is going to pick you as a running mate so quit stalling.

And if you really want to seem like you are politically relevant, you should pick Obama since polls indicate he going to win there big time:

Barack Obama (49%)
Hillary Clinton (34%)
Undecided (17%)

  • My wife with the best sixth sense of anyone I’ve ever met said early on (when I was a big Edwards fan and Obama was my #2) that she “didn’t trust that guy”.

    I’m beginning to see why. All of his campaign rhetoric is ringing very hollow right about now. He’s coming across as a spineless calculating politician and not the populist everyman he wanted us to think. Needless to say I’m very disappointed in John.

  • I’m sure it wasn’t his campaign rhetoric that made her distrust the guy; it was most certainly his too-perfect hair.

    It’s hard to trust a guy who spends so much time on his hair.

    Same reason people don’t trust Romney- and why Fred Thompson (and Barack Obama) come across as honest.


  • I would say this was disappointing, except I never trusted Edwards either.

    Click my name for a story that quotes what Edwards just said.

  • Yep. That’s the speech I was talking about.

    Weak, right?

  • Definitely weak. Even if he isn’t going to endorse, I would have liked to hear some comment about how certain Democrats should be careful about being more complimentary of McCain than of the Democratic frontrunner.

  • I started out this campaign as an Edwards supporter. Everything he spoke on every issue, every belief he expressed in his campaign leads me to believe that he must endorse Obama.

    What little credibility he has left will be gone if he doesnt.

  • If he is going to endorse, he will wait until the NC primary to maximize any pull he has there, which is probably little. He probably would have lost his Senate seat there in 2004 if he had run.

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