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It’s genetic

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Man, this is some funny satire. Look out for that homosexual agenda!

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Just watching John Edwards speaking in Durham, North Carolina. Instead of endorsing one of the candidates like he should have done a long time ago, he instead said this: “we would be blessed as a nation to have either one of them as our president.”

Come on, John! Make a decision already. Neither of them is going to pick you as a running mate so quit stalling.

And if you really want to seem like you are politically relevant, you should pick Obama since polls indicate he going to win there big time:

Barack Obama (49%)
Hillary […]

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If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you go over to Women’s Voices Making History and vote for Ohio’s own Jill Miller Zimon (from WLST) as your favorite female blogger.

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On his day in 1973, after fighting for 8 years and losing over 58 thousand troops, the U.S. officially withdrew it’s remaining combat troops from Vietnam.

Regardless of whether you agree with the U.S.’s decision to sign the Vietnam peace agreement in Paris it was, in fact, the reason that John McCain and the rest of America’s POWs were released and it was also the reason that even more U.S. troops weren’t killed or tortured.

While the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulting in far fewer troop causualties than in Vietnam, the monetary cost of the […]

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Bus Gets on Bus for Obama

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Warms me heart:

Pittsburgh Steelers legend Jerome “The Bus” Bettis joined Barack Obama for the first leg of a Pennsylvania bus tour this afternoon, riding from a campaign stop in Pittsburgh to a steel mill in Braddock and mingling with plant employees during a break. Ex-Steeler Franco Harris — who caught the “Immaculate Reception” in a 1972 NFL playoff game — joined them to kick off the tour. The three of them waved “Terrible Towels” before leaving the first campaign rally of the day.

Go Stillers! Go Obama!

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