We need more Bob Casey’s:

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey plans to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president today in Pittsburgh, sending a message both to the state’s primary voters and to undecided superdelegates who might decide the close race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Dan Pfeiffer, deputy communications director for the Obama campaign, confirmed that Casey would announce his support during a rally at the Soldiers and Sailors Military Museum and Memorial and that he would then set out with the Illinois senator on part of a six-day bus trip across the state.

The endorsement comes as something of a surprise. Casey, a deliberative and cautious politician, had been adamant about remaining neutral until after the April 22 primary. He had said he wanted to help unify the party after the intensifying fight between Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Thanks Bob! If nothing else do it for the kids, eh?

Casey’s decision was also personal, motivated in part by the enthusiasm his four daughters – Elyse, Caroline, Julia and Marena – have expressed for Obama, the source said. “He thinks we shouldn’t be deaf to the voices of the next generation.”

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  • obamacannotwin

    What a big mistake that another fool thinks Obama is the ticket. The only thing better than Hillary winning the white house would be Obama getting the nomination and losing the general. Wake up you idiots Obama cannot win. This will be the end of him being able to run for president and he is so young it would be a shame to see his fortunes in the toilet.

  • hard to take that seriously. it would be better for obama to win the primary and lose the general than it would be for hillary to win the white house? LOL

  • casey is a lightweight. who cares.

  • @3: i care.

  • @3: odd how no righty bloggers are praising obama given that he has picked up two “pro-lifer” endorsements. guess the story that’s he’s this evil far left farakhan loving manchurian candidate makes for better blogging…

  • obamacannotwin

    The bad news is the democrats seem to miss the point when it comes to picking a candidate. John Kerry the “most liberal senator” is replaced by Obama “the most liberal senator”. If the party is serious about winning, and it should, then they should realize that this guy cannot win.

  • @6: The bad news for Republicans is that they have a double whammy. They get a candidate who supports a very unpopular war AND…get this. They get a candidate who nearly switched to become a Democrat and thought about running as a Vice President with…wait for it.

    …wait for it!

    “most liberal” John Kerry!

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