According to the AP, Florida has taken a step forward by formally apologizing “for the state’s ‘shameful’ history of slavery”.

Meanwhile, Ohio takes a step backward with Governor Strickland’s signing of HB 314, the anti-choice bill that forces doctors to show ultrasound pictures to patients considering an abortion.

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  • Wow. He SIGNED THAT? Guvna moving lower and lower in my book…

  • I guess you’re all for choice… Just not an informed one

  • @2: Gordon, this provision doesn’t add information. It’s not intended to add information. It’s intent is to intimidate women into not aborting pregnancies. Do you really think a woman doesn’t have enough information about what she is doing in having an abortion? You and other wingnuts act as though every abortion is like tossing out a paper cup. It’s not. Being forced to view an ultrasound is not becoming informed. It adds absolutely no information that is not previously known to the woman. It may only add to the pain.

    Of course, neither you nor I can personally say as we have not nor ever will be faced with this decision ourselves.

    Maybe it’s best to ask our female readers to chime in.

  • Wait. Reading a bit about this it seems the law only “requires” physicians to provide the woman with the “opportunity” to view the ultrasound and photo. Doesn’t appear to require it. Also seems like it only requires this IF there is an ultrasound done.

    Not as ominous as I thought if this is true.

  • …not to mention it sounds like most clinics already offer this. I wonder if the right will wail on this waste of taxpayer resources by working on legislation to require something that is already happening in the “free market”.

    [crickets chirp]

  • It’s hard to believe that any ‘conservative’ who believes that smaller government should stay out of people’s lives would be in favor of some crap bill like this.

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