What the hell is up with this???

The Ohio Federation of Teachers wants the IRS to investigate charter school operator White Hat Management, contending the private company has violated the terms of the tax-free status assigned to many of its schools.

The union alleges that at least 25 Life Skills Centers and Hope Academies operated by White Hat don’t qualify for tax-exempt status because many of them share board members, trademarks and contracts.

Under IRS rules, to keep a tax exemption board members need to be unaffiliated with the management company and have authority over their own budgets, curriculum and staff.

The teachers union outlines its complaint in a letter to the IRS.

Federal guidelines also prohibit a for-profit management company from deriving private benefit from the publicly funded schools it runs.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. White Hat’s David Brennan and the rest of the for-profit charter school operators are huge GOP contributors.

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