Tim was hopping all over this earlier today, and rightly so. Hillary bringing up Pastor Wright conveniently in an editorial meeting with the architect of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”.

It’s so inexplicable that Hillary apologists over at BSB were making shit up to try to deflect. It was pretty hilarious. They were also using the familiar “hey! you can’t attack us back! what happened to hope!” thing. Tiring. They, of course, got called on it – which of course sends them flailing.

Having stuff all in one place is really nice. That’s why this post at The New Republic is handy:

1) Matt Drudge hyped a photo of Obama in Somali garb that he claimed (and the Clinton campaign declined to deny) Clinton staffers had been circulating.

2) Bill Clinton went on the Rush Limbaugh show on the day of the Texas primary–after Limbaugh had spent days urging GOP voters in the state to cross over and vote for Clinton in order “rig” the election and ensure that Democrats nominated the weaker of their two candidates.

3) The Clinton campaign has been circulating an article in The American Spectator alleging that an Obama adviser, former Air Force chief Merrill McPeak, is an anti-semite and a drunk.

4) When Clinton attacked Obama on Jeremiah Wright yesterday, she did it at an editorial meeting of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the vanity publication of Richard Mellon Scaife, while sitting next to Scaife himself.

Drudge. Limbaugh. The American Spectator. Richard Mellon Scaife. What exactly is it going to take before Clinton campaign staffers recognize that they are, in essence, now working for the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

…and here it is, your moment of Zen:


  • Rick Ozz

    Hillaryous definition: When someone describes a situation in a way that benefits their selfish goals, despite all of evidence to the contrary (reality).

    1. Obama leads Hillary Clinton in delegates by 121, popular vote by almost 750,000, he also leads in the number of states won. However, Senator Bayh of Indiana, who backs Clinton for president, proposed a new Hillaryous gauge by which superdelegates might judge whether to support Clinton or Obama. He suggested that they consider the electoral votes of the states that each of them has won. What a hillaryously undemocratic method to override the will of the majority of the voters in the Democratic party.

    2. Governor Bill Richardson’s endorsement was eagerly sought by the Clinton camp. However, since Richardson endorsed Obama, Clinton strategist Mark Penn Hillaryously told reporters that he didn’t think it was a “significant endorsement.”

    3. James Carville Hillarously told the New York Times that Richardson, a former member of Bill Clinton’s Cabinet, had committed “an act of betrayal,” adding that it “came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out [Jesus] for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic.”

    4. CBS News reports: Sixty-nine percent of voters who have heard or read about Obama’s speech say he did a good job addressing the issue of race relations, and 63 percent of voters following the events say they agree with Obama’s views on race relations. Seventy-one percent say he did a good job explaining his relationship with Wright.

    5. Clinton had significantly higher debts — she owed $8.7 million, not including the $5 million she herself lent to her campaign. Obama only had about $625,000 in debt to be paid.Clinton had some $10.9 million in cash left at the end of February. Obama had over $30 million in cash left at the end of February. Today Sen. Clinton hillaryously laid out an economic plan for the country although she can’t manage her own campaign finances.

  • Modern Esquire

    Who’s making shit up?? Yeah, I got called on my mistake— by myself who corrected my mistake before ANYONE else did. And yet you and Tim feel this ridiculous need to call me out on a mistake that I had self-corrected! And BTW, had I not corrected by merely strikethruing the incorrect statement (which is blogger etiqute to do), and instead deleted the minor oversight I made, you guys probably wouldn’t have ever even known I made any mistake at all.

    BTW, the rest of my comments still stands unrebutted. And, yes, the Clinton campaign had specifically denied it was the source of the Drudge photo.

    For a site that posted the SEO Ohioans went for Clinton because they’re racists, you’ve got some huge balls for talking about making shit up.

  • Rick Ozz

    Clinton’s goal is simple: do enough damage to Obama that he looses the 2008 election, so that Clinton can run again in 2012! Hillary will be PRESIDENT by any means necessary!

  • Clinton was on the Limbaugh show? Are you sure about that?

  • @4: Yes. He was. Not with Rush as he was out sick I guess, but he was on. Here’s the audio:


    The post linked has this link to Andrew Sullivan.

  • @2: I think the point is that you would never have made the mistake if you just would have read the post. You “made shit up” in order to deflect from Tim’s point. That’s the point and you deserved to get ridiculed for it. I give you props for correcting it and owning up to it. Stand up thing to do there.

    …and of course we’d have called you on it if you had just erased it. We are observant types. 😉

    I’m glad the Clinton campaign’s “specific denial” is good enough for you. How long have you been in politics now? If this were a Republican tactic it was extremely poorly timed.

    So I made up the fact that 80% of those who felt race was a factor voted for Hillary? Nice. I thought Brian had a good piece and made some great point.

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