Could this be what it’s all about?

Her goal is to defeat Obama by destroying him in the next month or two, not by making a positive argument about herself. By ramping up his negatives, she also has an added threat to the superdelegates: nominate him and you’ll elect McCain. And if she cannot destroy him this time, and he gets the nomination, she will have so anathematized him with a segment of voters that McCain will beat him, and she gets to say “told you so” and run again in 2012.

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  • Rick Ozz

    Some say that I, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, should have spent Easter weekend in Chappaqua, writing my withdrawal speech and preparing for my return to the Senate. They ask why I stay in the ’08 race when Obama has an insurmountable lead in states, delegates, and popular vote. My strategy is for victory in the 2012 presidential election. I will continue to pursue several lines of attack on Obama including denouncing his experience, blaming him for the fiascos in Michigan & Florida, and even praising our Republican rival Senator John McCain as more patriotic and experienced than Obama. My goal is to do extensive damage to Obama to ensure that he looses the general election in ’08 and pave the way for my eventual election in 2012! It’s a HILLARYOUS strategy, but I will be president by any means necessary.

  • I’ve been saying for a while that she would drag this out to hurt Obama’s chances even if she couldn’t get the nomination, in order to position herself for 2012. Even fellow Obama supporters thought I was crazy a month ago. I am glad that people have started to wake up and realize it. I won’t go as far as to accuse her of staying in to sabotage Obama, and I’d like to believe her when she says she’s a team player and that putting a Democrat in the White House is the most important thing. But if she really felt that way and had a track record of making that her priority, why did John Kerry endorse Obama?

  • @2: All evidence points to the fact that she doesn’t care and is not a team player. If she were she’d figure out a way to unite the party and end this madness that cannot – I repeat CANNOT – deliver her the nomination without having burned the party to the ground and secured a lasting Republican dynasty due to completely disenfranchising a huge number of solid Democrats.

    The only path to nomination for Hillary is complete scorched earth annihilation. This has been clear for some time now.

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