Obama put his tax records in a big fat pdf and put them on his website. Maybe a Hillary supporter (or apologist, whatever you call yourselves these days – the “balance” folks) can show me where on Clinton’s website I might be able to go to find this same type of information. I’ve been looking all night and I’ll be damned if I can find it!

  • Modern Esquire

    Let me get this straight. Obama is the transparency candidate because after all this whining about tax returns, he just NOW released them (except for last year’s?)

    Yeah, it’s not like there hasn’t been a big Clinton document dump recently in the news or anything… Oh wait, there has been!

  • Modern, I love you. Gonna shill to the bitter end, eh? Has Hillary released her tax returns yet? How about earmarks? Please advise when this happens. Thanks.

  • I think I finally need to agree with you guys. Obama truly represents the majority of democratic thinking.

    He gives a whopping $1,000 in charity on income of 200,000. What? Was he out of clothes to give to goodwill?

    Like most democrats, he can only be generous with other people’s money… Never his own.

  • @3: we should all give more. totally agree there. of course Bush’s “faith based initiatives” are not being generous with “other peoples money”. Noooo! Sadly I missed that comment of yours – or maybe you posted on the outrageousness of using other people’s money to support faiths they don’t believe in. can you post a link?

  • @!: “just NOW”? Dude are you serious? First the Scaif thing now this. Please do better research. Obama first released returns in April of LAST YEAR!

    BTW, I think you missed a spot on your comment at BSB regarding Hillary “not sitting down with” Scaif. The…uh…photo shows him sitting right there next to her! Doh!

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