In their first round of attacks, the wingnuts tried to accuse Barack Obama of hating America. He won’t wear a us flag on his lapel, they said. He won’t put his hand over his heart or sing the national anthem either.

Of course, it’s all a bunch of bullshit- but some people still believed it.

Then they moved on to accusing him of being a Muslim who was sworn into office using the Koran. Barack HUSSEIN Obama, they said, was educated overseas at a muslim school where he learned to hate America.

Again- a bunch of bullshit- but some people still believed it and some people are still pushing this message.

For example, Tom Blumer over at bizzyblog is still kind of stuck in “Obama is muslim” mode- continuing to call him names like “Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein ‘Obambi’ Obama.”

The other names (O-bomba, etc.) are supposed to refer to other random crap like Barack’s willingness to use bombs or something. Personally, I think Tom is stretching his creative talents past their limit. It’s harder than it looks to find enough O-words to form an acronym for ‘boohoo’. Keep working on it, Tom. Whatever you come up with can’t be any worse.

Actually- scratch that. It could be worse.

You could decide to join your fellow wingnuts with their latest round of attacks: remind white people that Obama is black.

Why bother trying to make up lies about Barack Obama that he’ll only debunk anyway when you can simply remind white people that Barack Obama isn’t.

King has fully embraced this with his latest round of racist nicknames for Barack Obama: “O’Dumbo Buckwheat Uncle Jemima.”

I have no clue what “O’Dumbo” is supposed to mean but make no mistake: aunt jemima IS a racist term. So is buckwheat.



Why bother, Ralph?

Why not just call him a nigger and get it over with?

  • “Personally, I think Tom is stretching his creative talents past their limit.”

    Could not have said that better myself. Wished I had actually. BTW, I think “O’Dumbo” is a reference to the size of Barack’s ears and his apparent problem with that growing up. Might also mean he’s a stupid librul. Take your pick.

    These guys learned absolutely nothing in ’06.

  • It really doesn’t take any creative talent to be a righty blogger- and it’s just kind of embarrassing when they try.

    You don’t need to make up silly nicknames or acronyms.

    All you need to do is repeat phrases like “the bible says gay people are evil” and you can get away with being a homophobe.

    Or tell little stories about some personal experience (real or not) like “a black person once stole my friends wallet” and then you can get away with hating all blacks.

    If only the world was that simple.

  • FYI:

    “O’Dumbo” originated, I believe, with Rush Limbaugh -insert your boos and hisses here – and it refers to B. H. O.’s ears. This term has been floating around in cyberspace for several months now. It is ubiquitous on the Politically Incorrect Gazette.

    “Uncle Jemima” originated, I think, on the Politically Incorrect Gazette. This bit of alleged humor – I plead guilty to perpetrating it – is our reaction to the sight of B. H. O. in that ceremonial African garb. He looked like he was in ‘chef’ mode and we blurted out “Uncle Jemima”

    If that’s sinister, so be it.

    If you detect rampant racism in it. That’s in your fevered brains, no PIG’s.

    Editor, The Politically Incorrect Gazette.

  • Jeremy

    Amen, Hambo.
    I, personally, always find it funny that conservatives and people on the right can be called wingnuts, accused of having no brain power, oh and let’s not forget when all else fails, trot out the tried and true “slander the Christians” rhetoric, yet whenever something is said about a person like Obama, or indeed anyone on the left, it seems, oh instantly it’s evil, racist, terrible, mean-spirited…

    Speaking of double standards, anyone…?

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