Jill has an interesting conversation going over at WLST about Jesus and candy.

Specifically if a Jesus made out of peeps candy is any more or less offensive than a full size naked jesus made out of chocholate.

The choco-Jesus obviously took a lot more time and effort and skill to create- but I find it really hard to believe anyone would find either offensive.

Of course, there are some who do claim to be offended by the little Jesus figure with a peep for a head, and to them I’ll repeat what I said over at Jill’s in the comments: lighten up.

It’s not serious. Peeps are funny little easter candies.

Do you really think Jesus, your all-powerful lord and savior who was tortured and killed and then came back to life really gives a crap about peeps?

Do you really think he is up in heaven right now steaming with anger at the guy who stuck a peep on his little gi-joe size body?

Do you really think THAT is the kind of stuff Jesus is worried about?

Do you really think Jesus doesn’t have a sense of humor?

Personally, I think he’s got much more important stuff to do besides reading Ohio political blogs and worrying about what some artist thinks about him.

Anyway- if Jesus didn’t want us making statues of him out of food, then why does he keep appearing on toast and fishsticks?


See. I told you he has a sense of humor.